Corey flies solo this week and recounts the dynamics of Article IV state citizenship, as it relates to the history of California’s original 1849 Constitution, which the “state” cannot prove was ever repealed or abolished. Additionally, Corey explains the vagaries of the attorneys and esquires who all refuse to remotely address the existence of Article IV state citizens, despite historical records and court rulings that demonstrate the differences between federal citizenship and state citizenship.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch addresses the open corruption of the Obama administration and the Clintons, ala the “tarmac” meeting with then AG Lynch and former President Bill Clinton.  Corey says Fitton says that Trump administration has yet to come into power and Obama administration left overs continue to thwart Trump. Meanwhile, Fitton posits that Trump could very well continue the Obama SOP for disregarding public information requests.

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Corey also discusses a message sent from Jared, formerly of Nebraska. The message contained screen shots of a conversation between Jared and Nebraska State Senator Adam Morfeld. In the screenshots Jared reminds Senator Morfeld that the Senator ignored Jared’s request for official assistance with a search related to Article IV citizenship. The Senator stated that he didn’t ignore Jared, rather he explained to Jared that since the Senator didn’t believe in Article IV citizenship, he wasn’t going to acknowledge any further requests on the subject.  If your interested in getting the official opinion of Senator Morland on the issue of State Citizenship (aka Article IV Citizenship), then send a simple written request to his office.

Corey sent a simple letter from his Non-Domestic mailing address to State Senator Adam Morfeld: A copy is here: Letter to Morfeld 3-17-2017

“Dear Senator Morfeld,

I recently came to understand that you refused to respond to an official request for assistance by one of your constituents because the request referenced Nebraska state citizens. Instead you responded by stating you ‘didn’t believe’ in state citizens.

I am writing to inquire if you dispute the validity and applicability to your office of Article IV, Section 2, Cl., 1., of the United State Constitution. I look forward to your prompt response.”

Senator Adam Morfeld’s website:

Telephone and mailing address:


Nebraska Capitol, District 46

P.O. Box 94604

Lincoln, NE 68509

Todd and Corey will update any response from the Senator in a future episode. If you get a response from the Senator please send a copy to

Another reason we all are looking forward to Todd’s return, Corey wins the award for worst show closing song in Agenda31 history, featuring Buckner and Garcia of Pacman Fever fame.