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3 comments on “A31 Stream
  1. stgermain says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for having Kurt on A31 today!

  2. stgermain says:

    Greetings Todd!
    Hey please make sure you and Corey talk about Kurt Kallenbach’s DOJ paperwork today.

  3. Knosis says:

    I realize this my be off topic but I wanted to share a tool with you. I was wondering what you guys thought of this strategy. I found about this from a guy that bought two hours a week on KSCO AM radio for his own show Attorney Busters. He was fed up with these offficers of the court serving themselves. They would admit to wrong doing on the phone then in court act like they did not say such things. So he did this…. He made legal records of all phone interactions with cops, lawyers and public officials. He forced a judge to resign because if his recordings. In this case the judge was forcing the attorney down a course his liking in the court. His attorney would admit on the phone to being forced by the judge but would not do so in court. By forwarding all important calls through the call service sofware which gives notice to recording he had admissible recordings for court. He didn’t need his attorney to admit to the court he was being bullied by the judge. The recording did it for him. To make admissible recordings of cops, lawyers, and public officials on the phone. You put them through call service software. This software warns them they call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. We all ignore these warnings. So do they. So forward you calls through a well know call services software and you’ll have recordings that you can bring to court.

    You guys are amazing. Keep up the fight. I will support as best I can.

    Be well


    PS he also would hire his own licensed court reporter in important cases so he had an official record of his own. This help prevent censorship in the court room.

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