A31-134 – Confirmation Bias Confounds Consent Question

Agenda 31 Episode 134

Corey and Todd return to the podcasting for first time since May 2017. Corey explains why his writ of mandamus to compel the Social Security Administration and CA DMV got docketed at the Supreme Court and why it also got dismissed. Read more ›

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A31-133 – Slaving & Terrorizing

At the end of this episode, Corey and Todd share they are taking a hiatus from a weekly podcast for the summer and discuss getting more active off the air with researchists previously discussed.

Corey explains a recent FAA ruling on drone flights and how it illustrates Article IV citizenry. Corey and Todd touch on the Middle East and review Scott Horton’s assertion that Obama ushered in open market slave trading in Libya. Whose talking about it?  What about all the deal making going on in Saudi Arabia? What is the real score in the Gulf region? Is there really enough energy trapped in ice in the Antartica to dwarf the rest of the world’s supply?  Listener tries to fill a school board seat in Illinois and has a good idea on next steps when not appointed. Does TIME magazine have a short memory when it comes to US interference in Russian elections? Read more ›

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A31-132 – Naughty Neighbors Worshipping Government

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A31-131 – You Must Conform

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A31-130 – Real Tax Reform

Corey takes a much deserved break this week, and Todd promotes additional podcasts that open up the brain pan as well, including the No Agenda Show, the Scott Horton Show, and the American Underground Network weekly Talkshoe.  Todd recaps last week’s episode and how important it is to re-listen to the details and history that is shared by special guest “JP”.  Financial contributors are thanked, and the following letter from Bryan is read aloud, regarding episode #129, which is played back in its entirety for the rest of this week’s episode. Corey’s fabulous and detailed show notes are celebrated and the proposal that real tax reform begins in your living room is once again promoted by playing back episode #129Read more ›

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A31-129 – Constitutional Taxation

Todd is away this weekend, and Corey interviews a government employee of more than 30 years on the subject and implication of Supreme Court Decision Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. Co. This is one of the most information dense podcasts ever produced by Agenda31, and is the first modern look into the landmark case that identifies for tax purposes, an Art. IV citizen as a  “non resident alien” with respect to the Federal Government and United States sourced income.

J.P. presents evidence that Frank Brushaber was born in the United States after the passage of the 14th Amendment, and could, if he opted, identify himself as a 14th Amendment U.S. citizen. Instead, Mr. Brushaber identified himself as an Art. IV state citizen.

Mr. Brushaber lost his case, however, an examination of this case, as detailed by JP, has incredible implications on widely held legal beliefs. The lessons from the Brushaber case are many, this is a podcast you will want to listen to several times, take notes, and have access to the references below. Read more ›

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A31-128 – Why All Dread Truth

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A31-127 – Gullible Listeners

In the Morning! Today’s episode addresses “a guy writing a book”‘s assertion that Agenda 31’s goal “is to look like you know what you’re talking about, to an audience of conspiracy theorists, rather than actually figuring things out in the real world. That you’re looking for respect and admiration from a gullible crowd, along with a little bit of money.”  Sometimes the show just writes itself…

If you miss today’s live cast, be sure to tune into the No Agenda Show live from 11am – 2pm CST where you can hear Curry and Dvorak deconstruct the latest efforts to start WWIII at http://www.NoAgendaStream.com. The latest A31 is played back after the No Agenda Show around 2pm CST on that stream. Read more ›

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A31-126 – Not Advertiser Friendly

The Agenda31 podcast as a Youtube video is NOT advertiser friendly, according to the feedback Corey got after submitting it for monetization on the Google owned video website.  Danielle DiMartino Booth‘s new book Fed Up: How the Federal Reserve is Bad For America is previewed and Group Stink at the NY Fed prior to the 2008-09 financial collapse is discussed. Corey wonders if Booth addresses US Notes versus Federal Reserve Notes that were set up to act as competing currencies, via non-elastic currency (US Notes) vs elastic currency (FRNs).  Elevator speech by Jason Fried, tough to explain the complexity of US Citizenship… listener comments on Corey’s video effort to explain the differences between Article IV and US Citizenship and how the video and messaging can be improved. Corey discusses ways illegals get DL’s and id’s in CA with fake SSN’s and without SSN’s… and Corey plays clip of Obama care architect stating, “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage…call it the stupidity of the American voter” as an example of the way government does “everything.” Todd recounts the 1999 Guidebook Against the Pro-Se Litigant and how it is illustrative of how government and the courts especially view the citizen-slaves who dare question the court’s authority when it comes to the people asserting their rights are secured. Bob Schulz’s historic efforts in 2001 are recounted by Todd along with former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s assistance to ensure that government was obligated to answer petitions for redress of grievance, which inspired the film by Aaron Russo “Freedom to Fascism”. Read more ›

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A31-125 – Political Adventure or Semantics?

Todd challenges Corey with friends’ and family’s push-back on veracity of averring Article IV state citizenship. Don’t all US Citizens also have state citizenship anyway? And, are not the rights that are no longer secured, only that way because the people have not stood up to the statutes that government gets away with? Isn’t it all just the people’s fault? Todd asserts that rank and file law enforcement may not be read in on the nuances between Article IV and Federal or 14th Amendment citizenship, but they are trained to treat all contacts as subjects, chattel, man or other animal with DOB, SSN and Legal Names to be identified by.  Todd shares that Tim from Illinois asserts the Magna Carta was in and of itself a statute. Corey asserts that the instance where a lost right secured by an Article IV state citizen is restored by challenging a statute does not exist, other than by state citizens who were never United States Citizens.  The distraction of the month “Russians hacked our Democracy” is harpooned and the glass houses the US Gov-Co lives in is exposed by none other than NPR. The Boris Yelstin campaign run by United States Citizens, and featured on cover of Time magazine, is recalled.  Paul Craig Roberts tinkers with the edges of the rules for us and rules for them political injury of US Citizenship and writes about how Trump’s “travel ban” protects purported rights of immigrants more so than US Citizens. Add Roberts to the list of people who need read in.  A purported DOD spirituality vaccine presentation audio is played. Is this legit? Or is FUNFAX a hoax? Corey likens it to Phineas Gage’s historic case of brain damage.   Read more ›

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