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Lowest Risk, Highest Reward

The Agenda: By 2031, there are State Citizens in all 3,100 counties across the several states that have achieved the standing enforcing the US Constitution’s Comity clause found in Article IV, Section 2, Clause 1 (4-2-1) and associated guarantees such as Article IV Clause 4, a guaranteed republican form of government in each state.

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Learn how Corey is going from a Defendant to a Plaintiff in a new Agenda31 supported State Citizen Supreme Court Case.

Never a Better Time to Live Tyranny Free

This journey to aver Article IV Section 2 Clause 1 (4-2-1) State Citizenship began over ten years ago and has been chronicled and documented via podcast episodes, show notes and documentation found at this website.
Corey Eib’s 2016 court case to terminate Social Security Administration participation was docketed in the US Supreme Court. (Listen to Agenda 31 podcast episodes 134 for details.).  Due to structural mistakes and tactical errors Corey’s case was declined, and the merits not heard by SCOTUS.

4 to 421 Monthly Supporters Will Fund Securing SCOTUS Ruling on the Article IV Comity Clause & Resources to Duplicate Across 3,100+ Counties 

More than ever Corey’s Social Security case and the associated substantive questions it raises are the tip of the spear if state citizens in any of the several states wish to live tyranny free.  Agenda31 is getting rebooted and with your support Corey will once again bring a court action to end participation in the Social Security Administration. 

SC3: State Citizen, Supreme Court, Subscription Club

Agenda31 Rebooted is part podcast, part social network, part exclusive forum to share best practices for filing, and part subscriber funded law-fare to secure our constitutionally protected rights.

We’re crowdsourcing $150,000 to support this new lawsuit, a new year’s worth of content and value for value networking benefits.

When you join the State Citizen Supreme Court Subscription Club (SC3) with one of three options below you have made the lowest risk, highest reward investment available with a chance at making a real difference. 

Enforce the Comity Clause (4.2.1) and Empower the First State Citizen to Leave SSA While Remaining in the State 

People cannot voluntarily end their participation in the (SSA) program.

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