New, shorter (1:30) intro debuts this episode. Poll launched below to query listeners on keep or not? The effort in California to “secede from the Union” is reviewed in detail. The rules in the Constitution on how one of the several states can secede are being conflated by the YesCalifornia and media with the petition process being promoted inside one of the branches of the District of Columbia.  But, maybe #CALEXIT is going to be good for averring Article IV citizenship, or #FEDEXIT.  Corey explores the history of Russia and California and how Bloomberg is reporting the President of YesCalifornia lives in Russia and is funded by Russian NGO’s. The terms democracy and republic are reviewed (again) and Todd espouses how he wishes smart pundits would grasp the differences and take a look at averring Article IV citizenship.  Here’s the new proposed intro audio below.

How to Make California Great: Secede, With a Little Help From Putin

Trump as useful frenemy is a view Marinelli shares with his Russian friends. Ten days after returning to Russia, Marinelli took part in the annual Dialogue of Nations conference, organized in Moscow by the Anti-Globalist Movement of Russia. Attended by representatives of mostly left-wing separatist movements from Western Europe, the U.S., and the former Soviet Union, the conference was held at the Ritz-Carlton and funded by a grant of 3.5 million rubles ($54,000) from the National Charity Foundation The National Charity Foundation, which describes itself as operating “under the patronage” of the Putin administration, is one of several foundations that dispense government grants to nongovernmental organizations . A representative of the foundation declined to discuss the Anti-Globalist Movement of Russia by phone, requesting instead a list of written questions, which it is reviewing.


Corey’s Notes on #CALEXIT’s Connection to Russia

A leader of the movement is an expat living in Russia named Louis Marinelli. Source: Bloomberg: Louis Marinelli is President of the Yes California campaign– he teaches English in Russia. Marinelli attended the ‘Dialogue of Nations’ which was funded by a grant from the Russian National Charity Foundation and organized in Moscow by the Anti-Globalist Movement of Russia. Russian National Charity Foundation is a patronage of Putin. The National Charity Foundation advocates extreme forms of Russian nationalism, Russian Imperialism. The leader is Aleksandr Ionov, he sits on two influential pro-Kremlim boards, the board of Antimaidan, Officers of Russia, which have both indicated their goal of purging liberal opposition from Russia. Ionov made both Bashar Assad and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad honorary members of the Russian National Charity Foundation. Ionov’s group has been courting and supporting a number of U.S. secessionist groups in the U.S. including groups in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida, and members from groups in all of these states have attended National Charity Foundation events in Russia. Marinelli the leader of Yes California stated that his group is closely coordinating with the Texas National Movement. Cal Attorney General Approves Signature Gathering for CalExit: Source: The Attorney General of California has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure: CALIFORNIA NATIONHOOD. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. Repeals provision in California Constitution stating California is an inseparable part of the United States and that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Places question of whether California should become a separate country on a future ballot. Treats result of such future vote as declaration of independence from the United States if 50 percent of registered voters participate and 55 percent of those voting approve. Requires Governor to request California admission to the United Nations if voters approve independence. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: The fiscal impact of this measure is dependent on various factors, including a vote by the people on this measure, a subsequent vote on California independence, possible legal challenges, and implementation issues. Assuming that California actually became an independent nation, the state and its local governments would experience major, but unknown, budgetary impacts. This measure also would result in tens of millions of dollars of one-time state and local election costs. For the petition to succeed and make it to the ballot, the group is required to obtain 585,407 signatures in 6 months. Audio File: Cal Exit from Fox40 Source:

G Edward Griffin Interviews Soviet Defector, Yuri Bezmenov

on Demoralization of America, 1986

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California’s State Code 1027.5 Archived at ThirdRailBlog

1027.5. The Legislature of the State of California finds that: (a) There exists a world-wide revolutionary movement to establish a totalitarian dictatorship based upon force and violence rather than upon law. (b) This world-wide revolutionary movement is predicated upon and it is designed and intended to carry into execution the basic precepts of communism as expounded by Marx, Lenin, and Stalin.

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Tinkering Around the Edges of the Term Republic: Hornberger and Dvorak

From the No Agenda Newsletter: 

Both Sanders and Trump were different kinds of flies in the ointment. Trump was right when he said this was probably the last chance to save the Republic.


Copying the Communists