A31-087 – The FEIN Star Chamber

Corey recounts his, and others’, experience last Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Highlights, or low points, include the court refusing to acknowledge that every agency they claim is state or local is actually a federal agency as evidenced by their FEIN or federal employee identification number, the court citing California Constitution of 1849, which stipulates that as a federal official or federal employee, they are forbidden to have a state government position. Judicial notice is demanded by Corey regarding 9307(h) commercial code (that states the United States is located in the District of Columbia) and the commissioner says she is not taking notice…. this despite the Evidence Code that states the court must take notice of all statutes and codes.  True name is unknown on charging docs is converted to a 14th amendment citizen on the fly. Commissioners Gast and Omens run a star chamber proceeding and conspire with the city attorney to declare Corey claims his true name is the first and last name on the charging document, and that because he refuses to agree to their definition of “counsel” that he is incompetent and must be represented by a public defender. Corey challenges the public defender with the court’s own rules regarding his requirement to make a pleading, when he has no counsel. Among other questions, the public defender asks Corey if he is mentally ill. The outward intimidation by the county sheriffs deputies in the court house of Corey, his supporters and other attendees in the court room is reviewed as evidence of how rouge this court is. The support for Corey at the court house physically, and donations sent since last episode are celebrated and thanked.


451 california evidence code


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3 comments on “A31-087 – The FEIN Star Chamber
  1. lovethyenemy says:

    nothing new under the sun…

    Coffee Break After Hours EPISODE61 – KMA Club with Karl Lentz

    the only remedy in-law is forgiveness, “I am sorry, please forgive me”

    its all a trespass!!!

    The new star chamber, and other essays by Masters, Edgar Lee, 1868-1950

    pdf page 13 – 18
    So that, as in many similar instances, people forget that to overthrow the law to punish a breach of the law is to meet anarchy with anarchy itself. Why should not the lawful way already provided be followed in the punishment of wrong? The spirit which advocates the lawless labor injunction is the same essential spirit which animates the mob. This spirit can not successfully hide itself behind the high sounding acclaims of law and order. It will be ultimately dragged to the light for every eye to see. When that time shall arrive the fact will be recognized that the same tyrannical purpose which erected the Star Chamber, turned a court of chancery into an engine of lawless power.

    pdf page 59,

    These are the scenes now enacted in a republic where, properly speaking, there is no such thing as the honor of the army or the act of any administration, even if crystallized into law, which forbids condemnation, oral and written, and proper effort to restore the government to liberty and law. There are many millions of men in this country who care nothing about the army and who are perfectly sure that it can have no honor while it is engaged in subjugation. They will not defer in their opinions to those who profit by that subjugation, and who would wreck the country before they would part with their anticonstitutional protective tariff. If what they say of Jefferson is true, how shall these self-appointed patriots complain? Who will explain the difference be tween breaking up the union by secession and destroying the union by annihilating the organic law which created the union and holds it together?

    pdf page 64,

    The new order of things demands that peace and reason shall prevail. It recognizes human life as sacred. It even looks upon revolution as a doubtful expedient. It therefore reverts to Jeffersons words in the declaration of independence, which caution against revolution for transient causes. Revolution is generally physical force. The triumph of reason ought to and perhaps already has supplanted both…

    …It ill becomes a breed of statesmen who no longer mention the constitution and no longer pretend to observe it to blacken the memory of this great man whose passion for this republic is one of the purest ideals in history and whose defense of the constitution, vigilant and unremitting, rises to the sublimity of heroic legend.

    Jefferson was a constitutionalist. He believed in the constitution.The party which he founded was and is a constitutional party. Moreover, there has never been any other constitutional party in this country. All other opposing parties, by whatever name they have gone, have done their utmost to undermine the constitution in favor of special privilege, which is the real soul of monarchy.

    Star chamber cases : showing what cases properly belong to the cognizance of that court
    by Crompton, Richard, fl. 1573-1599

    pdf page 9,

    These cases were a source of revenue to the Crown. Henry VII , James I., and Charles I. were especially active in appropriating the fines for their own benefit, or assigning them to their relations or dependents. And who durst complain?

    Carroll Quigley

    “proverbial monarchy”

  2. Chefjames1960 says:

    Would love to donate and will in future however, I am struggling financially basically paying for the systen’s BS. Thanks for what you guys are doing. Seriously grateful. Will def do my part in spreading the word. All me best to you!

  3. Kory says:

    The abuse of Power is sick. I see it very clearly. It’s understandable that many keep their heads down because a corrupt Court means corrupt System, from top down. That means open yourself up to unlawful threat from the Local PoPo!

    Sick people doing sick stuff for the Love of Power and Money

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