Corey visits Burbank, California to attend a Bill Clinton speaking event for Hillary campaign, and signs up as media to film, but does not follow the rules.  Later, Corey’s PT Cruiser is towed by Burbank PD.  Corey engages Burbank PD to establish a tow hearing for the following week, and acknowledges he should have Uber’d in to the event. Burbank refuses to comply with public records request act by denying Corey to view documentation at the police station. The Clinton Foundation is reviewed via Chris Ortel’s coverage, and the new revelation from Billy himself that he made a mistake by allowing the Foundation to take $500m from Algeria while his wife was Secretary of State.  The new(?) US flag with a thin blue line through the middle that the CHP is displaying during “riot control” at a California Trump event is discussed. The water shortage crisis in California is manufactured by government agencies and in a good turn the largest fine to a water district is rescinded and 1914 laws are cited. The Jamar Clark shooting death by police officer in Minneapolis is briefly reviewed through lens of civil v criminal charges.



D’Souza at Amherst College
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