Never a better time to aver your Article IV state citizenship. Between secret city jails, forced vaccinations, a proposed global tax from the UN, and conducting business with choices-not double taxation, Corey and Todd explore how to stay calm and be effective in the adversarial game required of all state citizens whose presence is not authorized in the United States, or District of Columbia.

Also covered: Robert De Niro’s stand up move about vaccinations on the TODAY show, the IMF’s cautionary(?) approach to a new UN global tax, the California Board of Equalization, questioning the official story about Russian fighter jets buzzing US warships recalling fake CNN Mideast war news, the Libertarian party presidential forum with John Stossel and Judge Napolitano, history of California altering the state constitutions and the state of Jefferson vote scuttled by Pearl Harbor, the Tenth Amendment Center’s Nullification Strategy for over-reaching Federal gun laws, and Kurt Kallenbach’s “Sojourner Tags” via copyright authorization, and 33 word “waiver” is deconstructed.


The task force found 74% of people killed or injured by Chicago police officers over the last eight years were African-American. In 2014, 72% of people stopped by Chicago police were black and 17% were Hispanic, according to the report. About 76% of the time that a taser was deployed between 2012 and 2015, it was used on a black suspect, the task force found. About 33% of the city’s population is black.


Secret Interrogation Sites at Homan Center in Chicago

Homan Square, a warehouse complex headquartering narcotics, vice and intelligence units for the Chicago police, has also served as a secretive facility for detaining and interrogating thousands of people without providing access to attorneys and with little way for their loved ones to find them. Records documenting the presence of someone at Homan Square, especially while they are there, have existed largely outside Chicago police’s electronic records system.

At least 14 men in custody were punched, struck with nightsticks, slapped, Tasered or subjected to another form of physical violence at Homan Square, according to Chicago police records, which also show at least two people who were taken to the warehouse died there.


Never a Better Time to Be an Article IV State Citizen

The California oath is considered a public record.The_Oath_Is_A_Public_Record






Chapter 4.5. Peace Officers – California Penal Code Section 832.7

A citizen of a State, under Article IV, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Constitution, only has to aver that he or she is a citizen of a State of the Union

A citizen of the United States may become a citizen of that state in which he has a fixed and permanent domicil; but the petition DOES NOT AVER that the plaintiff is a citizen of the United States.

If the averment of the answer may be looked into, the whole averment must be taken together. It is that both plaintiff and defendant are citizens of Louisiana.” Brown v. Keene: 33 U.S. (Peters 8) 112, at 115 thru 116 (1834). {Before the Fourteenth Amendment}
Case Source:

White Paper by Dan Goodman

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Kurtis Richard Kallenbach

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Deniro Calls Out CDC & Big Pharma on Today Show


IMF Being Pitched on UN Global Tax

During a discussion at the World Bank’s global parliamentary conference in Washington on Monday, British MP Stephen Twigg asked for reactions to the Oxfam proposal of an intergovernmental UN tax body.

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, replied that she had not seen it but acknowledged: “I think it’s an area where we all have to think outside the box because there are too many boxes in that tax field and thinking outside the box might be of great interest.”

She warned, however, that nation states would be unwilling to surrender their tax powers to the UN.

“We need to be aware of the massive hurdles and obstacles along the way because taxation for the last century or so has been defined, conceptualised, designed, implemented on a purely territorial sovereign basis. And if anything, levying taxation is considered as an attribute of sovereignty, and anything that takes away from that is going to be very strongly opposed by many countries in the world, many forces.”


 Article IV Citizen & California Board of Equalization




The California oath is considered a public record.The_Oath_Is_A_Public_Record


Fake News is Old News: Peter Arnett on CNN in “Saudi Arabia”:


Judge Napolitano Asks How Would You Protect the Constitution to Libertarian Presidential Party Candidates

Corey responds that the people need to ensure the President is doing his job. And, can the federal government create a constitutional convention? Will it fail a judicial decision, or create a new internal new deal?

Tenth Amendment Center Strategy to Nullify Federal Overlords


What the Heck is Kurt Kallenbach Up To Now?!

Sojourner Tags via Copyright Authorization & Waiver into the Record

Kurt Kallenbach’s waiver language, 33 words:

from the beginning, with God as my witness, I kurtis, a true man of God, acknowledge all blessings given by God, repent all transgressions against God and waive all claims without God.

Just Us Radio Network Blogtalk Episode with Kurt:

What’s this 1934 Declaratory Judgement all about?

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