California Governor “Toilet” Brown Creates Jobs with Agenda21 Drought

GreenInADay.LogoWe’ve covered the man-made fear generated by Toilet Brown in many previous podcasts. Corey is an entrepreneur and meets the darndest people at his lawn painting gig.

Confusing Activity w/ Productivity: The Thomas Deegan Nonsense in West Virginia

A Wood County man is behind bars on a state charge of threatening to commit a terrorist act for allegedly plotting to overthrow West Virginia’s state government by targeting the State Capitol, State Police headquarters, the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department and West Virginia National Guard facilities in Kanawha County.

Full Story:

Criminal Complaint:

Here’s a website with the audio file, and a transcript, of the conference call cited in the criminal complaint:

Here’s the NoAgenda coverage of “sovereign citizen” fear-porn… they continue to get closer to the underlying matter of state vs US citizenship. One day they will get it, we hope…

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Continues to Perpetuate the Official Myth of the Two Towers

Bernie Sanders Is Still Old School

Thinks “It’s More Complicated” Than Allowing US Citizens to Vote Directly on Legislation to End Citizens United

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Van Valkenburg v Brown

Van Valkenburg v  Brown

10 page PDF of the Supreme Court Ruling.

Additional citations worth checking out: