Man Impersonating Chief of Police in Irvine California, David Maggard, Resigns

Within two months, Chief David Maggard Jr. plans to hand over control of the department to Deputy Chief Mike Hamel, a 20-year veteran of the department.

With the department in good condition, it’s the “perfect time to pass the baton,” he said.

Maggard and his family, including a son, 16, and daughter, 13, live in Irvine, where they plan to stay after he retires. Maggard will finish getting his doctorate in education at Pepperdine University.

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Did Corey’s Letter to the Orange County Superior Court Contribute to His Resignation?


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Irvine Councilman Agran Promoting Communism?

April 2014 IRVINE – An Irvine councilman’s attempt to befriend a Vietnamese city brought several hundred outraged Vietnamese Americans to City Hall on Tuesday.

“We love our people, but we can’t be friendly with the Communists,” said Anna Nguyen of Temple City, who took the day off from work to travel to Irvine. She, like others, left Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in April 1975.

At issue was a proposal from Councilman Larry Agran to add three international locations – Nha Trang in Vietnam, Karachi in Pakistan and Baoji in China – to Irvine’s friendship city program, a less formal precursor to its sister city program.

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Communist Threat Warned About in California Code:
CA Code 1027.5 – Communist Threat

Rohnert Park, California Has Invalid Oaths for Police Officers?

The Oath of Office Rodriguez is not subscribed as the state code requires.

“…shall, before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation..”


[NOTE: Corey states on this podcast that the second half of this code has been proven unconstitutional and this detail is not explored further in this episode and needs to be in the future episodes.]

Smoking $18B Gun at the LA Times Publisher Helm?

Fired cartoonist who has been critical of LA Police Dept does a deep dive on LA Times publisher Austin Beutner.

Beutner appears to have ties with the Los Angeles Police Department and its police union, the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), whose $18.4 billion pension fund is managed by Oaktree Capital, the Beverly Hills private equity firm that happens to be the principal stockholder of Tribune Publishing, the parent company of The Los Angeles Times.

Is Beutner in bed with the LAPPL and/or LAPD? Well, Beutner and the LAPPL do tend to turn up in the same lists of political contributors. Beutner and the LAPPL both belong to something called the 2020 Commission, one of those forward-looking we’re-in-charge-do-what-we-say elite-a-thons. Beutner has long received favorable coverage on the LAPPL’s blog. And the Times, which had laid off many street reporters, relies more than ever for story tips from the LAPD.

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Same sex marriage license points out hypocrisy of being a US citizen


Toilet Brown Brings More Agenda21 to California with New Gas Tax & Fees

A new plan from Gov. Jerry Brown asks California drivers to pay $65 a year in a new fee and higher gas taxes to fund a $3.6 billion makeover for the state’s roads, bridges and highways.

Brown’s plan would base future increases on the Consumer Price Index and will take $100 million out of the Department of Transportation’s budget. It also will look for $500 million from cap-and-trade revenue.


Fired California Regulator: Toilet Brown Pushed to Waive Oil Safeguards

California’s top oil and gas regulators repeatedly warned Gov. Jerry Brown’s senior aides in 2011 that the governor’s orders to override key environmental safeguards in granting oil industry permits would violate state and federal laws protecting groundwater from contamination, one of the former officials has testified.

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Governor Jerry Brown Subject of Federal Racketeering Charge

From Episode A31-036

CA Governor Toilet Brown has been named a Defendant in a RICO complaint filed in Los Angeles Federal Court. The Toilet to Tap California Governor is accused of poisoning agriculture and drinking water supplies in California with more toxic water every month than the total oil spilled during the Gulf BP oil spill.   Federal Complaint – Jerry Brown Rico Complaint-FILED

California Governor Toilet (Jerry) Brown’s head DOGGR regulator resigns after RICO suit filed.