The Mob Rules

Got the mp3 file up, sorry for the delay. Show notes are a work in progress… but wanted to get this out to you. | A31-006 | April 19, 2014

If You Listen to Fools, The Mob Rules.

Today’s show is a little rough at the start, apologies!
Took us a bit to get Corey audible on the stream, thanks for your patience as we continue to refine our technology chops.

We pick up the issue at 5mins… one can hear Todd, but not Corey for first 5 mins.
Then at 9 mins we fix the problem.
Despite the complaining in the next 3 mins about not being able to play clips, we do figure it out!

Corey Has a New Blog!

Agenda31 Promo Spot for No Agenda Stream

April 19th Patriot’s Day – Lexington on the Green

April 19th – Delivery of The Articles of Freedom Across America

David Hartsuch’s YouTube Video Nevada Rancher’s Fight Goes Much Deeper Than Media Willing to Cover

Corey Sets Todd Straight on How We Do Live in a Democracy, Despite the Term Democracy Not Appearing in Any Founding Documents or State Constitutions

Stephen Barry