>> Goodman.2012.Article IV Citizen and Amendment 14 Citizenship with references

>> Goodman.2008.2Citizens.SSRN-id1089696

>>CA Code 1027.5 – Communist Threat
>>Vattel’s Law of Nations
>>Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (1856)
>>Black’s Law Dictionary (1891)
>>En Legis Definition
L Lat. A creature of the law; an artificial being, as contrasted with anatural person. Applied to corporations, considered as deriving their existence entirely from the law.
>>> by Roger McDonald
>>>Organic Laws of the United States of America
>>>USA vs US by TJ Henderson
>>>Alfred Adask’s Website

>>>CA Code 21052: Public Officers and Employees The provisions of this code applicable to the drivers of vehicles upon the highways apply to the drivers of all vehicles while engaged in the course of employment by this State, any political subdivision thereof, any municipal corporation, or any district, including authorized emergency vehicles subject to those exemptions granted such authorized emergency vehicles in this code. (Other source:

Definitions of Location of United States within Administrative State Codes


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