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  1. garchkova says:


    I’m new to this site, I reside in Northern California and I wanted to create a Common Law ID for myself but I got a bit lost in the part where you add your family name. I’ve read previous articles where it says to always use your true name first/middle only so as to not create a nexus with the legal fiction ( Also I was naturalized in Florida in 1981, I was born in Paris, France and I’m unsure how to address the nationality part. Would you please elaborate on these two subjects?

    Thank you!

  2. xlpitbull1 says:

    Does anyone have information on Common law study group ?

    • cvenegas says:

      If there is anyone in the Downey/Los Angeles area willing to meet up to discuss the Constitution, Common Law, Uniform Commercial Code, American Jurisprudence, Supreme Court Case law, et cetera. I would like to meet you–Cheers, CV.

  3. junochaos says:

    listening to the podcast about the woman in Downey, and I almost thought that you were talking about me! I also live in Downey and the police here really make a girl that is standing up for her constitutional rights feel like Nazi Germany may have been easier. I drove for a year after first reading your blogs, etc. without a current license solely on principal, and I didn’t register my car so its never had plates on it. I try to make a stand as well, and have been “attacked” by not only the police through constant monitoring of my house, pulling people over when they leave my residence, NOT showing up or just driving by without stopping when I actually NEED their assistance Know that they DO interact with other city agencies,as I have also been bullied by city of Downey code enforcement doling out citations that are non-existent; SEACCA trying to say that my dogs are in some way bothering people. I know that this is ALL due to my non-compliance with their illegal and imaginary “laws”. So I have been pulled over and upon showing my commonlaw ID, have been told have a nice day and sent on my way, and have been also (on a different occasion) ticketed. It has been difficult, to say the least, but I believe in the cause. My friends think I’m crazy, but they also think I’m cool as hell for doing it, for taking a stand, and a little envious that they don’t have the balls to do what I do. I’d be very interested in hearing what happened to Gabriella, and even discussing our common problems, if she is so inclined. Thank you for what you do!

    • Corey Eib says:

      Waving a hand junochaos, thanks for the post, we regularly update about Gabriela’s case in Downey. Subscribe as a complimentary member for regular updates.

      • cvenegas says:

        Corey, Hope all is well and thanks for all the useful information. I live near Downey, California and the police department is just out of control. I am currently defending myself in pro per for a misdemeanor citation. Given that Court rules are new to me, I wanted to seek you out to see if you can point me in the right direction regarding any useful information regarding municipal law vs common law? I am typing up my motion for discovery any advice?

    • cvenegas says:

      Junochaos, I just had my case dismissed with prejudice at Downey courthouse. Let me know if you would like to meet and share some information. I’m currently working on collecting my fees for time I had to take off work, if anyone has some information on that, it would be greatly appreciated–Best, CV.

  4. sharlenemusic says:

    Hello Corey and Todd! From what I can figure, after listening to Kurt Kallenbach’s info. for a few years now, studying the Bible, and putting all the jigsaw pieces together, here’s what’s up. The “after-birth” DNA/blood on the Guthrie card is presumed “left behind” at the “foundling hospital”. The “salvation army” headed by County officials and Jesuits grab it, title it, build the NWO on its foundation of union of error, mother church and father state. The Bible explains that there are two nations in the womb and there’s enmity between them. The two nations are Cain/Abel, more or less. Godly lineage of Seth/Jesus is the mediator that comes in to settle the “family feud”. Research the Mystery of the Widows Son of Freemasonry, also check out Predestination film, and the song it features, I’m My Own Grandpa; and Jupiter Ascending. Notice Jupiter Jones’ dad is Max-a-million (Daddy Warbucks ala Dustin Hoffman “Rainman”); he’s murdered and robbed just like Hiram Abiff. That makes Jupiter’s mom a widow. Anyway, a real woman named Jordan Theiring (just type her name along with Placenta into search) had to file a court order last month in advance to be able to eat her placenta (after-birth) in capsules as it was considered medical waste and the property of the hospital. The attorney in Mississippi is Jaqueline Hammack, she’s on FB; I have a copy of this court order and I’ll email it to you. Also, type into search, hospital owns your baby’s DNA. That’s it for now! Keep up the great work you are doing! I’ve been to jail a few times so far for traveling in my Bronco with a private tag…..Sharlene aka Ven,

  5. tim says:

    Hello all, and thanks Corey for your excellent site set-up for us..
    Do any of you know how i can navigate on the site, however, to find the docs Corey described in his YouTube video, on Appearing in Court Without Entering A Plea?
    Would be so grateful for anyone’s help.

    • Corey Eib says:

      Hi Tim,

      We took the documents down, as it is not something that works for people who want to keep their driver license, and people caused themselves harm by using the theory without full knowledge of the consequences. This appear without entering a plea should only be done by people who are fully committed to eliminating U.S. citizenship and embracing citizenship secured under Art. IV

      • Knosis says:

        I realize this my be off topic but I wanted to share a tool with you. I found about this from a guy that bought two hours a week on KSCO AM radio for his own show Attorney Busters. He was fed up with these offficers of the court serving themselves. They would admit to wrong doing on the phone then in court act like they did not say such things. So he did this…. He made legal records of all phone interactions with cops, lawyers and public officials. He forced a judge to resign be cause if his recordings. In this case the judge was forcing the attorney down a course. His attorney would admit on the phone to being forced by the judge but would not do so in court. By forwarding all important calls through the call service sofware which gives notice to recording he ad admissible recordings for court. To make admissible recordings of cops, lawyers, and public officials on the phone. You put them through call service software. THis warns them they call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. We all ignore these warnings. So do they. So forward you calls through a well know call services software and you’ll have recordings that you can bring to court.

        You guys are amazing. Keep up the fight. I will support as best I can.

        Be well


  6. twp says:

    No email announcement yet. I think I recall something about a late broadcast? Anybody confirm that?

  7. priceylera says:

    I believe I can help with the issue of getting the public to understand a bit more easily. Or at least reduce friction in the transition.

    If you guys are interested what is the best way to help? My email is

    Ps: I came over from THC. My 2nd favorite show he’s had. So thank you

  8. Mel Cole says:

    I have a question if you become a common law citizen would you still be “obligated” to pay federal income tax? I am curios to know from those of you who have become common law citizens if you pay income tax or not, and if not what your experience has been?

    • Publisher says:

      Your question about taxes is very common. Income tax is a huge deal to most people, and rightfully so as it was part of the reason why the colonies rebelled against the king and his ever increasing taxes.

      To answer your question, a common law ID is not magic. It is a powerful tool, but it cannot make you exempt from taxes.

      If you have political obligations that bind you to the authority of the United States, the likely you would owe income taxes, even with a common law ID. However, it is my opinion that citizens of the several states are protected from direct taxation from the federal government.

      Taxes were collected in the several states, but the method is completely different. If you dive into establishing yourself as an article IV citizen, then your obligations to government will become clear. Each case is different, but as far as income taxes are concerned, to begin with it requires the IRS to have a valid Social Security number.

  9. Mel Cole says:

    This is my first time and I am trying to figure out how to use chat. Anyone there.

    • ManX says:

      Click the “Chat Software” and create an account, then come back to this page and login to the chat above using the ChatRoll login you just created.

  10. cybersully says:

    Woodburn Oregon here

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