Agenda 31 - Lowest Risk Highest Reward Project in the US

Lowest Risk, Highest Reward

The Agenda: By 2031, there are State Citizens in all 3,100 counties across the several states that have achieved the standing enforcing the US Constitution’s Comity clause found in Article IV, Section 2, Clause 1 (4-2-1) and associated guarantees such as Article IV Clause 4, a guaranteed republican form of government in each state.

Never a Better Time to Live Tyranny Free

This journey to aver Article IV Section 2 Clause 1 (4-2-1) State Citizenship began over ten years ago and has been chronicled and documented via podcast episodes, show notes and documentation found at this website.
Corey Eib’s 2016 court case to terminate Social Security Administration participation was docketed in the US Supreme Court. (Listen to Agenda 31 podcast episodes 134 for details.).  Due to structural mistakes and tactical errors Corey’s case was declined, and the merits not heard by SCOTUS.

More than ever Corey’s Social Security case and the associated substantive questions it raises are the tip of the spear if state citizens in any of the several states wish to live tyranny free.  Agenda31 is getting rebooted and with your support Corey will once again bring a court action to end participation in the Social Security Administration. 




Enforce the Comity Clause (4.2.1) and Empower the First State Citizen to Leave SSA While Remaining in the State 

People cannot voluntarily end their participation in the (SSA) program.

Your Agenda31 Hosts

A31-127 – Gullible Listeners

In the Morning! Today's episode addresses "a guy writing a book"'s assertion that Agenda 31's goal "is to look like you know what you're talking about, to an audience of conspiracy theorists, rather than actually figuring things out in the real world. That you're...

A31-126 – Not Advertiser Friendly

The Agenda31 podcast as a Youtube video is NOT advertiser friendly, according to the feedback Corey got after submitting it for monetization on the Google owned video website.  Danielle DiMartino Booth's new book Fed Up: How the Federal Reserve is Bad For America is...

A31-125 – Political Adventure or Semantics?

Todd challenges Corey with friends' and family's push-back on veracity of averring Article IV state citizenship. Don't all US Citizens also have state citizenship anyway? And, are not the rights that are no longer secured, only that way because the people have not...

A31-124 – Open Corruption

Corey flies solo this week and recounts the dynamics of Article IV state citizenship, as it relates to the history of California's original 1849 Constitution, which the "state" cannot prove was ever repealed or abolished. Additionally, Corey explains the vagaries of...

A31-123 – Moral Muscling

Todd updates on the Scott County Grand Jury empanelment proceedings and laments the continued cry of the canaries in the coal mines about our so called secured freedoms being violated with no substantive call to action or pathway to a remedy.  Corey has a new video he...

A31-122 – State Locus of Sociopathy

Tom Woods' realization of freedom from neo-conservative bovine fecal matter is shared. Alfred Adask's 2012 presentation on his colloidal silver case in Texas where he discovered the government has been looking at US Citizens as animals since 1906 is played back and...

A31-121 – Putting It On the Table

A31-121 – Putting It On the Table

Episode artwork by JJA. As promised the #RESIST phenom that has tried to spark is reviewed. Scott County Grand Jury update is new one is empaneled on March 7. What low risk high reward activity have you taken on lately? The origins of Fascism are reviewed...

A31-120 – No DOB? No Freedom.

A31-120 – No DOB? No Freedom.

More proof little plastic identity cards from the DMV have nothing to do with safe driving whatsoever. Non-human animals continues to be stated in news reports related to science and backs up the discovery by Alfred Adask that the gov-co looks at its subjects as "man...

A31-119 – Relighting the Republic

A31-119 – Relighting the Republic

Corey attended and filmed the presser in Santa Monica, CA last week and Governor Jerry Brown's "Green Report Card" is discussed in the context of rules for us and rules for them... the RICO case is found to be dismissed... and the so called...

A31-118 – Diversity of CitizenSHIP

A31-118 – Diversity of CitizenSHIP

Kurt Kallenbach Joins Corey & Todd to Discuss Averring Article IV vs Possessing Article IV State Citizenship.   This Week's Email Reminder Greetings Fellow Article IV Wannabes, A pattern in emerging here......