A31-109 – Which State Did You Volunteer Into?

What is your definition of “state”?
What definition of “state” did you volunteer to be governed by?

Why are Corey’s efforts so loathed by some?

What’s YOUR strategy to make a difference?
If you don’t have one, supporting Agenda31 is your strategy.

Donate today and help fund Corey’s original action at the Supreme Court to test
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Why Should US Citizens Care About Averring Article IV Citizenship?
What are the benefits?

Not be forced to contribute to the travesties that actors in the administrative gov-co system perpetuate upon citizen slave tax payers such as former state governor and senator John Corzine stealing billions, 200 tons of heavy metal & explosive materials being dumped into the ocean by the Navy, spent plutonium used as even deadlier more costly ordinance, a “cash for clunkers” program that hurt more than helped the economy…. and if none of that matters to you then how about not being made a criminal for possessing two items, one of which is a right to possess guaranteed by the very document these actors purportedly swore an oath to uphold and the other is a weed which grows nearly everywhere in the world.

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Definition of State Redefined or Added to Current Several State Definition?

As read by on November 8, 2016 on Kurt Kallenbach’s weekly call, with website of KurtisRichardKallenbach.xyz

This is the Volume 13 we thought this citation above was read from:

More statutes at large available at Jon Roland’s site:


Woods and Watkins on the Articles of Confederation: Not a Coup Says Corey

Ep. 787 The Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and “Limited Government”

Outro Music: Driver of the Year “Rock n Roll Revolution”

Rock n’ Roll Revolution from Driver of the Year on Myspace.


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A31-108 – Interview with Adam Kokesh


Corey and Todd play back their Friday pre-recorded interview with Adam Kokesh, author of FREEDOM! available at www.TheFreedomLine.com.  Kokesh is coming off a 60 city tour promoting his book and message of non-coercive freedom through peace and cooperation. Kokesh was inspired to write FREEDOM! while in solitary confinement after being arrested for his civil disobedient act of loading a shotgun on Freedom Plaza, and smoking marijuana near the Whitehouse, both in D.C. His current long range plan is to run for “not-for-president” in 2020 on the platform of dissolving the federal government, and gives specific examples of what to do with massive agencies and departments.  He cite’s Harvard’s Steven Pinker’s work as his inspiration for the introduction to his book, FREEDOM!. Kokesh’s “man on the street” video about is taxation violent is played before the interview and the question of is taxation theft if one consents to taxation is broached.  And, the “negotiated privileges” of building a home in Arizona is discussed. He shares the existential crossroads he is at on how much of his personal life he should share on his digital content generation on social media. He calls the efforts to aver Article IV state citizenship a “technitalitarian argument” and prefers to focus on education and consciousness elevation via his book. After the interview playback, Corey and Todd review the elements of statism that Kokesh seeks to abolish and settle on the definition of “minarchism” as most accurate to the target condition of Article IV state citizens within the several states.  Read more ›

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A31-107 – #SJW, Anarchists & Faretta Waiver


Feedback and questions from A31 listeners is played backed, answered and reviewed in light of a forthcoming Agenda31 Introduction Video. Corey and Todd debate attributes of Social Justice Warriors and how the worship of government or central planning is a hallmark of Agenda21.  Bakken pipeline, 1%’ers and #SJW mindset is reviewed. Gary Franchi’s Next News Network, Jekyll Island 2009, Marc Stevens and the anarchists, questioning one’s congressional rep as to where they derive their authority from, federal personnel, allodial titles, property taxes, state taxation in gold and silver and more is discussed.  Read more ›

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A31-106 – No Use in Crying


The Globalism versus Americanism agenda of Trump is evaluated. Agenda21 history is recalled. Courts of record in California is reviewed. Bicycle licensing on the horizon? And Carey Wedler’s video essay to liberals is played and extolled.  Read more ›

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A31-105 – Fractional Vote Magic


Todd’s wife Kathleen guest-co-hosts this week. The topic is focused on election integrity, especially in Scott County Iowa and the GEMS software many states and counties use to count votes in an election. Proof of concept for Corey’s next step, proving whether consent is revocable or not, is beat up soundly.  Read more ›

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A31-104 – 2nd Class Bastards


Justice Breyer’s comment that if the state does not need a warrant, “the state has considerable freedom, it couldn’t boil people in oil, but it might be able to do this” is highlighted from the Birchfield v North Dakota case from April 20, 2016 oral arguments. New listener Rob’s questioning of the Article IV state citizen concept is addressed. Assertion that the birth record the government owns harkens back to Blackstone’s commentaries on common law in its usage of the terms “informant” for the title of the mother, who must list her maiden name, thus making the ens legis or creature of law a bastard. As a bastard in common law one cannot be a state citizen, and is considered a criminal…. that is the assertion Corey is making. And, when one consents to claim one is a US Citizen aka 14th Amendment Federal citizen, one is placing oneself in the full jurisdiction of the District of Columbia, a far distance from the state government an Article IV state citizen would have to protect one’s secured rights.  Corey explains how the obligations secured in the 1849 California constitution were never adequately eliminated and still pertain to those that have standing, despite the belief that the 1879 California constitution has been presented to the US citizens as the original state’s governing document.  The government accounting standard’s board’s newest requirements for municipalities to disclose pension obligations on balance sheets as heard on the No Agenda Show is discussed. The Ammon Bundy et al federal jury trial in Oregon where the accused were acquitted of conspiracy to violate federal law and the reason Bundy et al went to Malheur in support of the Hammond father and son being re-incarcerated for five years and called terrorists for a pre-emptive sage bush burn.

Read more ›

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A31-103 – Waiving What Rights?


Averting gas lighting from government and media while averring Article IV state citizenship continues to be the strategy to make a difference.   The government cartel continues to manufacture consent and manufacture evidence in the California courts.  Corey and Todd review Corey’s recent appearance on Marc Steven’s podcast, the dismissal by the LA Superior Court of the charges against Corey for no driver’s license, and Todd’s Pavlovian encounter with the DMV in Iowa regarding waiving of rights when renewing a driver’s license. Corey explains his current strategy to be a plaintiff, not a defendant in order to aver Article IV state citizenship.  Read more ›

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A31-102 – Gaslighting in Downey


From Judicial Watch’s investigation of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s lack of e-mails about Benghazi, to Abraham Lincoln’s executive order to require subscribed oaths as a specialty contract to hold office or employment in the government, Corey Eib explores holding government accountable.  The term “gas lighting” via manufacturing evidence with false “oaths” of office and entering a plea with no representation or consent, in the Downey v Gabriella case is reviewed.  Corey files complaint and affidavit with federal agencies for observing fraud and corruption in the  Downey Superior courts. Read more ›

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A31-101 – Check the Minute Orders



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A31-100 – Unfashionable Pastimes

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