A31-103 – Waiving What Rights?

Averting gas lighting from government and media while averring Article IV state citizenship continues to be the strategy to make a difference.   The government cartel continues to manufacture consent and manufacture evidence in the California courts.  Corey and Todd review Corey’s recent appearance on Marc Steven’s podcast, the dismissal by the LA Superior Court of the charges against Corey for no driver’s license, and Todd’s encounter with the DMV in Iowa regarding waiving of rights when renewing a driver’s license. Corey explains his current strategy to be a plaintiff, not a defendant in order to aver Article IV state citizenship.  Read more ›

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A31-102 – Gaslighting in Downey


From Judicial Watch’s investigation of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s lack of e-mails about Benghazi, to Abraham Lincoln’s executive order to require subscribed oaths as a specialty contract to hold office or employment in the government, Corey Eib explores holding government accountable.  The term “gas lighting” via manufacturing evidence with false “oaths” of office and entering a plea with no representation or consent, in the Downey v Gabriella case is reviewed.  Corey files complaint and affidavit with federal agencies for observing fraud and corruption in the  Downey Superior courts. Read more ›

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A31-101 – Check the Minute Orders



Show notes forthcoming….


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A31-100 – Unfashionable Pastimes

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A31-099 – Feckless & Trolling


Propaganda by state sponsored radio is reviewed for its subtle reinforcement of the importance of factions and groups within federal citizenship, despite no one inside that jurisdiction having their rights secured. Changing a diaper in Arizona could now result in a contact with law enforcement to check you out just like driving a car.  Are the federal congressional actors, who are feckless and posturing against federal agencies they deem to hold accountable, while banks like Wells Fargo get away with fraud and crimes, violating their own oaths of office? 1940’s sponge diver in Florida almost averred Article IV state citizenship. Deeper dive on Faith Penington’s crusade to be a federal citizen, the efficacy of the Texas bill that “saved” her, and some of the rest of the story with her father. Henson Ong speaks truth to power about reasons owning firearms is a secured right, and poses effective question as to why we didn’t have  senseless gun violence decades ago? Agenda21 continues inside the water district wars in California. And, the chat room has one of its most prolific trolls challenging Corey’s ability to get his PT Cruiser out of the tow yard after the CHP stole it. Read more ›

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A31-098 – If You Woke, You Can See the Smoke


Trust in media & news is at its lowest point in our lifetimes, so says Gallup. Surprise. Canada working on a definition of vexatious litigants based on others’ descriptions of “self-professed” sovereigns. Why is sovereign a dirty word? Didn’t sovereignty devolve to the people of the several states at the end of the Revolutionary War? Trey Gowdy’s 2011 House floor speech on states’ rights and where our rights come from is deconstructed. How can the government stop you from capturing, storing and using your own solar power? Another reason to aver Article IV state citizenship is explored.  Read more ›

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A31-097 – All Animals & Criminals


Corey and Todd are back after a one week break and Corey’s rig is almost there! Today’s show includes the call to action to expand one’s diet of “news” that is digested and take a cue from a recent commentary by River Cities’ Reader editor on how media is covertly influencing your mind/vote. The co-hosts review the saga of the girl who was invisible to the US government, and was it a squandered opportunity or a brave and misguided attempt to be part of the new world order? The CDC wants new police powers to enter into agreements that do not require your consent. The Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence want to give CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou an award but the State Dept won’t let former award winner, British Ambassador and fellow torture whistleblower Craig Murray into the country to be the MC for the late September event. The New Yorker documentary on how the CIA hid terrorists’ plans and presence in US from the FBI pre 911 is reviewed. And, the perspective that US Citizens are considered animals and criminals by the government overlords is revisited. Read more ›

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A31-096 – Throw My Two Cents In


Corey gets a strange letter back from the police department that stole his car.  Agenda31 meet up in North Hollywood Sept 10th per Corey’s suggestion is promoted.  Candidate for Crawford County Indiana Sheriff videos are deconstructed. Gary Johnson’s flip flopping on mandatory vaccinations is played and discussed, along with recent federal ruling in California enabling healthy children to be forced to have a vaccination. Hillary’s State Department calendar data dump forced by Associated Press comes to a halt. Obama’s potentially strange executive order on the Treasury Department. And, a lively chat room ensues.  Read more ›

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A31-095 – Symbol Minded Dangerous Things


RFID chips embedded into one’s hand in order to limit a firearm from being fired by anyone except the person with the chip in their hand is explored.  George Carlin’s two rules are reviewed, including the symbol minded who mindlessly pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth and a government, not the people. Consent and how it is volunteered or mandated is discussed via High Impact Flix youtube channel. Corey’s response to a Rutherford Institute tweet is celebrated, and more…  Read more ›

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A31-094 – Spines of Jelly


Read more ›

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