A31-087 – The FEIN Star Chamber


Corey recounts his, and others’, experience last Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Highlights, or low points, include the court refusing to acknowledge that every agency they claim is state or local is actually a federal agency as evidenced by their FEIN or federal employee identification number, the court citing California Constitution of 1849, which stipulates that as a federal official or federal employee, they are forbidden to have a state government position. Judicial notice is demanded by Corey regarding 9307(h) commercial code (that states the United States is located in the District of Columbia) and the commissioner says she is not taking notice…. this despite the Evidence Code that states the court must take notice of all statutes and codes.  True name is unknown on charging docs is converted to a 14th amendment citizen on the fly. Commissioners Gast and Omens run a star chamber proceeding and conspire with the city attorney to declare Corey claims his true name is the first and last name on the charging document, and that because he refuses to agree to their definition of “counsel” that he is incompetent and must be represented by a public defender. Corey challenges the public defender with the court’s own rules regarding his requirement to make a pleading, when he has no counsel. Among other questions, the public defender asks Corey if he is mentally ill. The outward intimidation by the county sheriffs deputies in the court house of Corey, his supporters and other attendees in the court room is reviewed as evidence of how rouge this court is. The support for Corey at the court house physically, and donations sent since last episode are celebrated and thanked. Read more ›

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A31-086 – Casting Doubt on Quizzacious Court


Corey’s Demurrer

City Attorney Reply

Corey’s Reply to Reply

Motion to Strike Address Used by Prosecution


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A31-085 – Hall Pass, Show Me Your Hall Pass!


Independence dashcam video shows moments following tasing of teen Bryce Masters


Corey_Eib_Demurrer_ June_6_2016


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A31-084 – Next Time, Uber In


Corey visits Burbank, California to attend a Bill Clinton speaking event for Hillary campaign, and signs up as media to film, but does not follow the rules.  Later, Corey’s PT Cruiser is towed by Burbank PD.  Corey engages Burbank PD to establish a tow hearing for the following week, and acknowledges he should have Uber’d in to the event. Burbank refuses to comply with public records request act by denying Corey to view documentation at the police station. The Clinton Foundation is reviewed via Chris Ortel’s coverage, and the new revelation from Billy himself that he made a mistake by allowing the Foundation to take $500m from Algeria while his wife was Secretary of State.  The new(?) US flag with a thin blue line through the middle that the CHP is displaying during “riot control” at a California Trump event is discussed. The water shortage crisis in California is manufactured by government agencies and in a good turn the largest fine to a water district is rescinded and 1914 laws are cited. The Jamar Clark shooting death by police officer in Minneapolis is briefly reviewed through lens of civil v criminal charges.

Read more ›

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A31-083 – Disruptive Concepts

Short show while Todd is on the road. Checking in with Corey regarding his efforts to battle the court’s refusal to provide simple evidence.

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A31-082 – 13th Century Operating System


Yes, Article IV citizenship could open up Blue Ocean Markets, too! Rushkoff’s ideas on value for value, and disruptive economic networks and distribution are not mistaken for communism, by Corey or Todd, as one of the world’s ten most influential thinkers by MIT asserts. His pizzeria expansion idea is a good one and asks what the “Role of the bank is on the ground.” Low risk, high reward award episode 082: @J_FrederickHall documents man impersonating police chief in Lincoln, Nebraska through public records act for oaths of office for the newly appointed chief as publicized by the city. Corey’s diversity of citizenship case marches on! Three attorneys claiming to represent the People of the State of California filed an Objection to the motion to compel discovery about oaths of office and equipment used in the seizure of Corey’s property. For which citizen is a state’s presumption not rebuttable? A federal US
citizen California resident that identifies oneself as such, that’s who. Corey explores the strategy of a demur filing in addition to a refutation of the objection. Do the People of California these attorneys represent, really not have access to the information Corey requested? Governor’s org chart says they do. Trans rocker burns her birth certificate at a North Carolina concert. Corey’s thank you video for the first Compass Club member is played. Justice Clarence Thomas’ commencement address at Hillsdale College is reviewed and portions of his admonishments are reviewed through lens of Article IV state citizens. Ryno the Bearded’s Double 0 Show is plugged for its killer sounds, and the outro song was heard there first and challenges listeners to rise up and ask, “What is your strategy to make a difference?” Read more ›

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A31-081 – Blue Sky Markets


Can Article IV state citizenship open up new flourishing markets and create jobs and positive societal growth? Will averring state citizenship open up Blue Sky Markets? What needs to happen to you in order for you to start averring state citizenship? Will requiring a microchip in order to have a driver’s license be the tipping point? As the Supreme Court Justice Breyer stated on 4.20.2016, the state “couldn’t boil people in oil, but it might be able to do this [violate 4th Amendment protections].”  Corey explains Texas v White 1868 in the most effective manner yet. The rebellion may have been stopped by the Civil War, but the several states were ruled to still exist in Texas v White. Corey proposes that there must be a federal case prior to the 14th Amendment being passed that made the several states adhere to the rights secured in the Bill of Rights, despite slavery.  FDA’s reputation as an authority on definition of “healthy” is acknowledge on NPR as damaged…. but they’re fixing that. John Oliver wants faith in science, but calls those who cherry pick evidence as worshiping religion. Loretta Lynch claims this is no time for states to start legislating identity… despite every administrative state’s daily legislation of identity. Read more ›

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A31-080 – Chess, Not Checkers


The live broadcast is moved to Thursdays. TSA whistleblower statement about codes and policies that leaders don’t follow is compared to subscribing an oath of office.  Supreme Court justices tells regarding the special condition of federal citizenship where driving can be prohibited by the states without a reason are played back.  The lack of interest and knowledge about diversity of citizenship by attorneys is discussed with first hand accounts from Corey and Todd. The purported missing 13th Amendment concerning esquires, citizenship and office holding is explored. Corey cites Luis’ description of averring one’s Article IV citizenship, engaging the CHP and the courts, as “Chess, Not Checkers.” The public announcement message at a California courthouse is played and deconstructed as more evidence of how injured politically federal citizens are as they are told they have “constitutional rights”.  And, the globalists’ agenda to erode nation states and their sovereignty is shown with think tank speak including how anti-authoritarian politics are endemic.  Read more ›

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A31-079 – Where’s Outrage: Special Condition Citizens Being Played


The Supreme Court 4.20 orals on Birchfield v ND provide huuuge tells about diversity of citizenship and insight into how compromised a federal citizen really is. Protesters in California against Trump and in support of Bernie are schooled by Paco Elijah and his audience exclaims the benefits of being a federal citizen.  Larry Wilmore calls Barrack, Barry but distracts all from Obama’s origins with a racial slur. TSA whistleblowers testify about the challenges of maintaining a theatrical troupe when leaders won’t follow their own codes of conduct or policies. Corey recounts the push back he got in Orange County Superior Court to get a motion filed before the birth record is arraigned and how criminal the collusion is within the system.  The distinction between those who want to be just left alone versus those who want to restore Article IV citizenship and restore the several states is explained. A31 producers Jared and Sammy launch their own podcast Porchtalk. And, Agenda31 debuts the 21st Century protest song “Outrage.”  Read more ›

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A31-078 – Challenge, Compass & Consecration


Corey challenges A31 listeners to simple low risk and high reward participation with a Public Records Act request (and template!) to prove Corey was mailed four oaths of office by the CHP.  The multipage PDF of the February through March 2016 communication thread between Corey and CHP is posted and reviewed. The importance of anonymous requests of public records and how to handle actors who violate that anonymity is illustrated. The brilliance of engaging gov-co at their headquarters in the District of Columbia is extolled. The call to support is made by Todd to provide Corey financial certainty to pursue the Article III diversity of citizenship standing in order to fulfill Justice Thomas’ call for the first real 2nd Amendment adjudication and enforce the will of Congress on the Treasury to print $300MM in US Notes.  Thomas Knapp commentary Dishonoring Harriet Tubman on Federal Reserve Note is shared. The Saudi Obama diversion around 911 history and research is shared.  Todd points listeners to the interview with Judy Wood on The Higherside Chats. The “consecration”, errrr, the inauguration of FDR in 1933 is played back and the deconstruction of the context, and meaning of his words is shared.  Corey comments on how skillfully FDR’s speech writers hypnotized an American populace who was hurting in order to usher in the Emergency Banking Relief Act. FDR key words: Pledge National Induction Permanent Emergency Consecration. The question of immigration in America is posed to three Libertarian presidential candidates and their answers are discussed through the lens of an Article IV state citizen. Read more ›

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